I Needed the Birds to Move

I was having a major problem with birds, and I was at my wit’s end with it. I have a restaurant, and about one third of it consists of a patio type enclosure. In the last couple of weeks, we have had an influx of birds, and it is bothersome to our diners. I fully understood the issue because I would not want to eat next to a dozen birds either. Sometimes, it was more than that! I did a search for bird control in Monmouth County NJ online, hoping I would be able to find an answer to this problem.

What I found was a company that does handle bird problems in our area. Now I may be a hypocrite because I do serve duck and chicken on my menu, but I still did not want to hurt these birds. I buy my meat from a plant, so that kind of removes me from the process. I did not want these live birds to be injured or killed because that would be 100 percent on me, but I also did not want them to become so much of a problem that I was losing customers because of them.

This company has humane ways of handling bird problems like mine. I know that there will always be birds around, but I just wanted to make it so they were not calling my restaurant their home. Even worse, I did not want them inviting their friends and relatives to come nest with them. The company I hired put spikes all around my roof, since that is where they were nesting. With the spikes there, the birds have been forced to move elsewhere to nest, which means they hang out elsewhere now too. I hate that I made them someone else’s problem, but I am thankful that they are no longer mine!

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